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DeDRM tools for ebooks

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Only for experience DeDRM tools. Currently only ebooks in azw3/azw/mobi/prc format are supported.

* Tip: To use this tool, choose an ebook file, enter the Kindle Serial Numbers used to purchase the ebook, and click the Remove button. After the DRM removal is successful, a download link will be provided.

● How to get the Kindle serial number

Eink Kindle: Click [ Main MenuSettingsDevice Info ] or enter ;711 in the search bar to check DSN.
Amazone site: Go to [ Manage Your Content and DeviceDevice ] and check the kindle serial number.

● How to download a Kindle ebook file

Amazon site: Select a book from the content list and click [ More actionsDownload & transfer via USB ].
Eink Kindle: Connect the kindle to PC by USB and get the downloaded ebooks from "documents" directory.

* Note: Do not get ebooks that have pictures from eInk Kindle directly, as these pictures will be gone.

Use DeDRM tools locally

If you want to use DeDRM as a Calibre plugin on your computer? Please check out these projects:

The Calibre plugin removes DRM from PDF, ePub, kePub (Kobo), eReader, Kindle (Mobipocket, KF8, Print Replica and Topaz) format ebooks using Adobe Adept, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo and eReader DRM schemes. Read the FAQ if you experience any problems.

Note that this website is not affiliated with any of the projects mentioned above.